Top 10 tips for selling your home

Top 10 tips for selling your home

01 October 2016

When you find your dream home it can be very frustrating when you haven’t sold your home yet and the panic can easily set in. To help ease the stress we have put together our top ten tips to help you get your house off the market and completed so you are free to get your new keys…

1. Think about your target market. Does your home appeal to the main group you are aiming at? For instance do you have a box room that would work better as a home office for a professional couple? If so, rearrange it and make it stand out as a workable space for them.

2. The time of year can also be an important factor, spring (February to March) and autumn (September) are usually the key times to sell as it is traditionally when demand outweighs supply and so prices can be at their most flexible.

3. Spread the word that you are selling, word of mouth is a powerful tool that you should use to your advantage. Make sure you have a board up and let neighbours know as they may well be aware of someone waiting to move to that area.

4. Buyers will form an impression of your home within seconds of walking through the front door so make an effort to spruce the entrance of your home up. Paint the door, plant flowers or trim hedges to make your home have instant kerb appeal.

5. No one likes a cluttered home so you can’t expect people to be interested in purchasing your home if that’s all they can see. Have a good clear out and make your home look tidy and welcoming. Pay particular attention to the kitchen and bathrooms as these are focal points for homebuyers.

6. Keeping colours in your home neutral can help homebuyers imagine themselves living there and even start to think about where they would put their own furniture. Paint colours are a very personal choice so if you have a bright bold colour some people may love it while it can also really put other people off. If necessary, repaint rooms, it will pay off in the end.

7. Smell is really important. Placing fragrant candles around your home or plug-ins can really create a relaxing and pleasant environment. If you have pets try to remove food bowls and beds while viewings are happening. You may not be able to smell them in your own home but others will and non-animal lovers may be put off.

8. The smallest of things can send the wrong impression to potential buyers so fix that leaking tap and remove the grubby sealant in the kitchen and bathroom, it can make a huge difference on sending a positive message to visitors.

9. If you have decided to show people round your home yourself, make sure you think about the route you will take to show the best rooms first or last to make a bigger impact. Be business-like and don’t bombard them with too much detail, stick to the facts homebuyers want to hear such as south facing garden, parking and local amenities. Only show viewers round once and then allow them to take another tour round on their own, but stay close by for any questions they may have.

10.  When you receive offers don’t rush into a decision, make sure you get all the details from the estate agents allowing you to make an informed decision, if you want to move quick a first time buyer might be a better choice over the highest bidder. Compromise is the key!

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