Top tips for moving house

Top tips for moving house

01 September 2016

With the majority of people placing moving house at the top of their most stressful things they have done in their life, we have put together some top tips to help ease the stresses and strains and make your house move disaster free…


1.  Start packing well in advance of your move date.  As soon as you start going through things you will no doubt start reminiscing over old photographs or baby clothes, doubling the time you thought your packing would take.


2.  Work from the top of the house to the bottom and have a clear out as you go. Be realistic about what you need, if you haven’t used it in the past 12 months get rid of it, either throw it away or donate it to charity.


3.  Pack up one room at a time, clearly labelling each box on the top and the side (so you can see when they are stacked as well) with details of the contents. Don’t forget to label if there are any breakables inside.


4.  Make sure when loading up the boxes that you load the ones you need least first so you aren’t digging around trying to get to your everyday items.


5.  As you dismantle furniture, put all the screws and fittings into a freezer bag and tape it to the item so you aren’t scrambling around for the correct fixtures.


6.  Take your furniture over to the new house first and boxes last, so you don’t end up moving boxes around again to get your sofa or bed in.


7.  Use fitted sheets, pillow covers and blankets to wrap up your fragile items; that way you aren’t carting additional packing material over to the new house. It also saves you money!


8.  Place a number on each box and a number on each door of your new house, that way everyone knows exactly where each box needs to go rather than constantly asking you.


9.  Don’t overfill the boxes as they will be too heavy to move. Aim for no more than 25kg in each box and try to pack heavier items in smaller boxes and lighter objects in bigger boxes.


10.   Pack an essentials box. In here there should be items you will need as soon as you get to the new house, such as bedding (try to make your bed as soon as possible - you will thank yourself later when you are exhausted from a day of unpacking) tea bags/coffee, cups, kettle, teaspoons, sugar, toilet roll, cleaning products and a corkscrew for that first celebratory drink! It is also useful to keep overnight items in this box too in case you are unable to unpack everything in one day.

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