Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions

01 September 2016

Storage is usually high on everyone’s list when they are looking for a new home. We all want somewhere we can hide the hoover or keep clutter so our home looks neat, clean and minimalist. With this in mind, we caught up with Samantha Simmonds, Creative Director at Killer 5, to look into some clever storage solutions that you can utilise in your home…


“Let’s start with the bedroom, after all this is usually where people need the most storage space. Depending on the shape of your room, there’s not always space for a wardrobe, chest of drawers and a dressing table, therefore you might also consider using your bed for storage. Invest in an ottoman bed like this steel grey one from Time 4 Sleep or look for one with underneath storage, we love this classic style from Next; perfect to hide away those winter clothes when the sun finally makes an appearance.


“When it comes to bathroom storage it’s great to have somewhere to stash all your toiletries, rather than keeping them on show. Try this fantastically nautical drawer set from Homebase, or utilise the bathroom mirror for perfect hidden storage like this impressive Decora mirror. Why not try using shelves to free up floor space too? There’s a huge variety of unusual shelves out there so let your creativity go wild – get inspiration from these small crates, pipes and board or even wire racks.


“When it comes to the kitchen it is easy to get yourself in a clutter with spices, sauces, packets and pans falling out of every cupboard. My advice would be to use every inch of the kitchen to its full potential. Turn your spices into art by converting a chalkboard into a magnetic spice rack. Don’t think it has to stop at spices hanging on your walls, why not utensils or pans as well? From this amazing idea using a peg board so all your equipment has its own place, or even keep things on show but make them look more fun and pleasing on the eye like these baking goods.


“Do you have pets and are fed up of having their food bowls out all the time? Try this amazing idea that uses up usually abandoned space behind your plinth.

“If you’re feeling crafty, make use of furniture that you don’t use anymore and give it a new use. We love how easily you can turn this book shelf into a stunning window bench with built in storage.


“I know you’ll all be shocked to hear it, but even the kid’s bedrooms can be decluttered. Make your own craft station like this one, where all the materials and items are easy to access anytime. Get creative and use jars, shoe holders or buckets to store items off the floor, creating more space in your child’s room.


“A living room can be the hub of the home so try these storage solutions to help keep yours a welcoming space, whether it be trunk coffee table like this from Arbol House or even this handy multi draw unit from Maisons Du Monde that can be used as a TV stand, storage doesn’t have to be boring.”



No matter what size the space you can always transform it to be more useful, share with us your proudest storage solutions - send us your pictures on our Facebook pages or Twitter!

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