Budget friendly garden ideas

Budget friendly garden ideas

01 June 2016

As summer approaches and the weather starts to get warmer, we can’t wait to get outside and spend more time in the garden, can you?

Whether you’re planning a big family BBQ or just looking for somewhere to relax in the sunshine, here are some of our favourite budget friendly garden ideas to transform your outdoor space, without breaking the bank!

  • Garden furniture can be expensive and if you can’t afford to invest why not turn your hand to a bit of DIY? You can easily create a garden bench or outdoor seating area using cheap decking or recycled palettes and, because it’s homemade, you can make it fit to whatever space you have available. Just don’t forget to sand it down first!  
  • Rather than spending a fortune on plants, be resourceful and ask family and friends for cuttings. If you’ve got thriving plants of your own you could even trade!
  • Make your own stepping stones using old bricks, recycled wood or pebbles. Not only will this protect your grass, it also adds some style to your garden.
  • Use old jam jars and tea lights to make DIY lamps for your garden, so you can enjoy the space even after the sun goes down.
  • Invest in the future and plant bulbs and seeds rather than buying mature plants. It's not too late to plant Marigolds, Candytuft, Godetia or Larkspur for a show of flowers later this summer.
  • Even better, if you fill your garden with perennials (plants that return year on year) you won’t have to keep planting. Try Allium, Coneflower or Kangaroo Paw for a colourful mix.
  • If you can’t wait, save some money on planters and use an eclectic mix of old clay pots. Paint them in a variety of bright colours and fill with cheap and cheerful plants. Or, add colour all year round and paint your fence instead!
  • Upcycle an old set of ladders to use as a flower plant or herb planter, or use the steps as storage for potted plants and gardening accessories. You’ll save space and it looks great!
  • Hanging baskets look great, no matter how big or small your garden is, but don’t restrict yourself. Why not use an old watering can or bucket instead? Just make sure you secure it properly.

Remember, maintenance is key to keeping your garden in tip top condition, if you need some advice on how to look after your new garden, take a look at the useful information section on our website here.

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