The home building skills pledge: training to a standard

The home building skills pledge: training to a standard

11 December 2017

The housebuilding industry is currently facing a major skills crisis but, by signing up to the Home Building Skills Pledge (HBSP) and launching a number of our own initiatives, at St. Modwen Homes we are committed to tackling the shortage of people entering the industry.

Training to a standard is one of the five key areas covered by the HBSP and is something that as a company we have been actively working towards in the last 12 months. With the aim of attracting more young people, we launched our trainee and graduate scheme last year, offering roles in technical, planning, surveying, sales, marketing, finance and site management – there’s more to housebuilding than just bricks and mortar after all!

The scheme works by bringing young people forward into the professional side of the business, providing on-the-job learning and working alongside senior members of the team to develop the required skills and understanding. All of our trainees and graduates also complete a series of in-depth, detailed and structured modules as part of the programme. For our graduates this is over a two year period and for our trainees this is over five years. Once training is complete, our trainees and graduates are capable of fulfilling a professional role within St. Modwen Homes and, of the 32 trainees and apprentices employed to date, four have already been promoted to fully qualified positions.

Our target for 2017 was to have trainees and graduates account for 10% of our total workforce by the end of the year and we’re proud to say that within four months we exceeded this by 2%. As such, and as part of our commitment to the HBSP, our aim is now to reach 20% by 2020.

We’ll be keeping you up to date on our work with the HBF and the HBSP so watch this space!


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