4 Things Iíve Learnt Since Moving into Our New Build

4 Things Iíve Learnt Since Moving into Our New Build

08 October 2018

I’m Miss Pond and I’ve just recently moved into my own St Modwen Home. I live with my partner Dr W and we used Help to Buy to buy a St Modwen Homes’ Houghton. A lovely 3 bed, with a wonderful open plan living space, which we have very quickly been happy to call home. Since moving in a couple of months ago I’ve learnt a few things that I thought I’d share with you.

You rearrange some rooms several times and it’s still not quite right

Oh my, how many times have we argued about what we want in each cupboard?! Or what we want out on the counter tops! The kitchen is my current nemesis, it’s not really working in its current set up but also, we don’t have the time to rearrange continuously. I’m hoping as we get used to living in our little home naturally things will fall into place. We also still need to sort out the storage cupboards, as currently the one under the stairs and the one in the bedroom are an absolute state. But luckily no one can see in there when they come round!

It’s lovely to start getting things how you like them

I really missed having a study; this was the thing I gave up when we rented. Blogging from the sofa/our bedroom just wasn’t working. The first thing I did was take my desk and filing cabinet back from my parents (who were storing it for me) and plan my side of the spare room. The spare room is also home to the spare bed, as we love having guests we couldn’t not have one. Anyway back to the study space, I have seen the copper grids I ended up putting up everywhere. They’re a great and cute addition to the room. It also means I can change up the pictures easier than having frames on the wall. I can’t wait to finish the rest of the spare room, it needs some better storage and I’d love to get rid of our printer from my desk.

You find your spot

This is very Sheldon from the Big Bang. But everyone has their own spot, right? I mean you can usually find me in the kitchen (it’s nice to have a kitchen big enough for taking well-lit pics for my food blog). However, I have also adopted the corner of our giant sofa. With the lamp above it’s perfect for blogging (yeah I know I have a study now but the new sofa is much better than our old one) and it’s great for just chilling out on.

There’s nothing like a cup of tea in your new home

The final one is the one I learnt on day one after moving in. We woke up, made a pot of tea and sat on the doorstep of the French doors. Surveying our land and enjoying our space, it really was a wonderful moment. I have since enjoyed quiet mornings sat on the back doorstep with a brew after Dr W has left for work. I’m sure when we reach winter I will be enjoying hot chocolate in the cosiness of our new house. But for now, I’m making the most of having all of the doors to open!

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