Their new home: It's all about Kayla & Stu

Their new home: It's all about Kayla & Stu

08 April 2019

Meet the latest stars of the St. Modwen Homes campaign – as individual as you are – Kayla and Stu.

Kayla and Stu moved into their home at Weogoran Park in Worcester, last December with their three French Bulldogs, Jessie, Mo and Louie, and couldn’t be prouder of their new home.

Kayla comments: “We just love our Garnet! The house is absolutely stunning, but what really makes it is how perfectly it suits our lives. We have three French Bulldogs and, as you can imagine, it can get quite hectic on a day-to-day basis (I’m constantly cleaning!), but the house and the area is just perfect for them and we now have enough room for us all to snuggle on the sofa and enjoy our spare time together.

“There’s loads of green space for them to play and run around in, which was a must have for us when looking for our new home.

“We moved in last December, so Christmas was amazing and I had so much fun decorating the house – it was one of the first things I did when we moved in – we may not have had a sofa but we made sure we had more than one Christmas tree!

“My favourite room is definitely the kitchen. We love entertaining and came from a much smaller house where we were mostly eating TV dinners on our laps. So to go from that to a kitchen/diner the size we have is incredible. We’ve had lots of friends and family over since moving in and the kitchen is definitely a focal point.”

Stu adds: “The experience of moving to a St. Modwen home has been incredibly easy. We love how individual the houses look but also how they really do suit your lifestyle. Our house is perfect for us and Kayla has spent a lot of time and care adding those finishing touches which really make it a home. Jessie, Mo and Louie love it just as much as we do – particularly now that they have so much room to run around in!

“Moving house was a big step for us and now we’re ready for our next step – marriage! We’re getting married this year so the whirlwind is yet to stop but moving with St. Modwen Homes took a lot of the stress out of the process – you feel like a partner not just another housebuyer. We would definitely recommend buying with St. Modwen Homes, the process couldn’t have been easier and our house immediately felt like a home from the moment we moved in.”

St. Modwen Homes has launched its latest campaign – as individual as you are – featuring its latest stars – you!

They’ve teamed up with several homeowners who have shared a slice of their lives in their St. Modwen Homes. Watch the St. Modwen Homes’ video here: and share your own #IndividualMoments…

How do you share your photos?

Sharing your photos and/or videos with us couldn’t be easier. You can either share on our social pages using the hashtag #IndividualMoments, or upload to our photo gallery If we love your shot, we’ll even give you £50* to be our next star – so get sharing! We can’t wait to see your #IndividualMoments…

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