Running in of your new home

Running in of your new home

  • Careful “running in” of your home is very important, easy to do and will pay dividends in the long run. This would have been discussed during your new home demonstration.
  • There will inevitably be some variation in the finished appearance of different elements of the construction. This is completely normal and helps make your home unique. There are some common issues that sometimes arise after a new home has been built. We have outlined some top tips for dealing with these issues and for taking care of your new home. Please note that the tips cover many different aspects of different house types, some of which may not be applicable to your new home.
  • Condensation - Condensation is generated by normal daily living and the "drying out" process of your newly constructed home. Condensation is caused by steam or water vapour when it comes into contact with cold surfaces (in the same way that steam in the bathroom condenses on the window). Condensation can be reduced by ensuring consistent levels of heating and ventilation are maintained.
  • Condensation is common in new and newly converted homes while construction materials dry out. If allowed to persist it can sometimes cause mould on walls and ceilings. In exceptional circumstances, condensation and mould can damage clothes, bedding, floor coverings, decorations and the home itself.
  • St. Modwen Homes will ensure any ventilation system (including window vents) is fully operational.
  • We do not protect you against every problem that may occur and you are obliged to carry out maintenance on your home. Several limitations and conditions apply


  • Your new home is guaranteed for a period of 10 years from legal completion by your warranty provider. Throughout the building process, the relevant company will have carried out inspections to ensure that St. Modwen Homes complies with their standards.

For information on how to do this please refer to the NHBC “Guide to your new home” booklet or LABC Home Owners Handbook. Your solicitor will provide you with a booklet from your warranty provider, which explains how the guarantee works and what is not covered by it. Should you be unclear on what your rights are, you should contact the warranty provider direct for clarification. Full contact details are listed in the booklet.

  • Routine maintenance - As you would expect, there are many areas within your new property that will benefit from regular maintenance. I.e. boilers, cylinders, appliances, alarm systems, windows, doors/locks, garage doors, gutters, drains.
  • Extreme weather conditions - We are not responsible for any damage caused to your property by extreme weather conditions i.e. storms, high winds, freezing temperatures. Check external taps (if fitted) to ensure they are lagged and drained. Any problems that arise due to extreme weather conditions
    should be covered by your own home insurance.
  • Holidays/extended periods of non-occupancy - We recommend that you take all necessary precautions before going away on holiday or leaving
    your home unoccupied for long periods of time, but we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused if the correct precautions are not taken.
  • Window cleaning - Please be aware of the safety risks and possible damage to roof tiles caused by window cleaners standing on the low level roof to clean the external side of your first floor windows. Should your windows be fitted with “easy-clean” hinges, we recommend you take advantage of this by cleaning the windows from the inside.
  • Alteration of your home - Any alteration or extension made to your home following legal completion may adversely affect all or part of your warranty. Please liaise with your St. Modwen Homes regional office if you plan to alter or extend your home. We also recommend you refer to your local planning authority for further guidance and clarification.
  • Change of ownership - This warranty is not affected if you sell or let your home. It would help if you could pass on the details about the warranty and what it covers to tenants or subsequent buyers. If you sell your home whilst it is still within warranty, the cover automatically transfers to the new owners.
  • Your rights - This warranty does not affect your statutory rights. Some manufacturers also offer warranties to St. Modwen Homes customers over and above the initial St. Modwen Homes 2 year warranty.

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